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The Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 are displays for the smart system, and are your robust, intelligent companions. They can be intuitively controlled via the control unit, are compact and protected against water splash and dust. The colour display is optimally readable and 40 percent larger in the case of the Kiox 500. This makes the screen area almost twice the size as that of the Kiox 300. Both displays are ideal for sporty adventures and demanding rides.

At a Glance:

Your fitness data

Keep an eye on your ride and fitness data, and keep motivated.

Reach destinations reliably

The minimalist navigation shows you the best route.

Ergonomic handling

Safe operation via the compatible control unit.

A steady supply of new functions

Your eBike with the smart system is continuously expanded with new functions.

Minimalist navigation function

With the clear, free navigation function for Kiox 500 and Kiox 300, you can reach your destination in the most efficient way by planning your route in the eBike Flow app or importing it from komoot. You can transfer it to your display via Bluetooth and an arrow will symbolise your current position. The route is indicated by a clear line and turn-by-turn directions guide you. With the Kiox 500, additional notification tones sound, for example, before a turn. The arrival time, distance and time to destination as well as the range in each riding mode can be called up using the control units on the Kiox 500 and Kiox 300.

Individually customisable display indicator

You can customise the display on your Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 using the eBike Flow app: define the order and content of the screens yourself (available from summer). You can also customise the status bar. Display the battery charge level, the time, or the speed – simply via your control unit. Getting the exact information that is important to you on your ride.

Display as a key

Turn your Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 into a key for your eBike. It’s as intuitive as it sounds: simply remove the display from the mount and stow it away. This immediately provides additional protection for your eBike. Reinsert the display and use it to activate motor support before riding off.

Enhance performance and motivation

The Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 show you extensive distance and fitness data. They inform you, for example, whether you are currently riding above or below your personal average: Get motivated though the graphical comparison of power and cadence. After the ride, you can also share all the recorded fitness data with Strava, Apple Health and komoot via the eBike Flow app.


Flexible display alternative

Need more screen area? Use your mobile all-rounder: instead of the Kiox 500 or Kiox 300, place the SmartphoneGrip on the display mount and use your smartphone with the eBike Flow app as a large display – with more comprehensive navigation.

Always in the right gear:

With a shift recommendation, you shift more efficiently and ride in the optimum gear: the Kiox 500 and Kiox 300 provide you with tips on shifting up and down.

If you ride an eBike with eShift, the electric gear shifting solution, the displays show you the current and maximum gear. Via the Kiox 500 and Kiox 300, you can set your target cadence (only for enviolo gears); your eBike will then automatically shift to help you reach it.

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