Bosch Purion 200


Upgrade your display on your Bosch smart system E bike with the new Purion 200, it works great as an individual screen or get even more when partnering it up with a Kiox 300 or Kiox 500

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Control unit with compact colour display and fully networked in the smart system: that’s the Bosch Purion 200. The all-in-one solution ensures an uncluttered handlebar, is in close proximity to the thumb and offers a razor-sharp display of ride data as well as simple, ergonomic control of all eBike functions. Combine Bosch Purion 200 with an additional display – for even greater convenience.

At a Glance:

Ease of use

Developed jointly with the ergonomics experts at SQlab

1.6-inch colour display

Ideal readability thanks to optimum display resolution



Use an additional display – e.g. for navigation

Always up to date

New functions and updates, also in the future


Developed with ergonomics experts

The Bosch Purion 200 is mounted on the left-hand side of the handlebar, in immediate proximity to the thumb. Thanks to its curved shape, the combination of control unit and display fits beautifully onto the handlebar. If the plus and minus buttons are aligned correctly – i.e. almost vertically – this means more comfort for you during operation and a faster reading of the riding data. For example – with just one thumb movement, you can control your eBike and change the riding mode or the display. For the optimal combination of functionality, comfort and design, we have developed the Purion 200 jointly with the ergonomics experts from SQlab.

Optimal readability

High resolution, more colour depth, a clear structure and easy-to-understand symbols ensure that you can quickly read and grasp the information on the Bosch Purion 200. The integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display depending on the ambient light. This makes it very easy to read, even in bright sunshine or at night.

Display as a key

Turn your Kiox 300 into a key for your eBike. It’s as intuitive as it sounds: simply remove the display from the mount and stow it away. This immediately provides additional protection for your eBike. Reinsert the display and use it to activate motor support before riding off.

Powerful display combinations

If you want more information or a larger display for even better readability, you can use another display in addition to the Bosch Purion 200: Have the Kiox 300 or Kiox 500 mounted by a specialist dealer or use your smartphone as a second display using the SmartphoneGrip and eBike Flow app. The additional new main display is controlled via the buttons on the Purion 200. The Bosch Purion 200 continues to show you the information that was last selected: You can, for example, display the current speed on the Purion 200 and use your main display for navigation.

Wide range of functions

The Purion 200 offers numerous functions that let you ride and arrive better. In addition to basic functions (such as switching your eBike and the light on and off) you can, for example, also activate the smart walk assist via the Purion 200 buttons to push your eBike more easily when walking. At the touch of a button, you can change the display in seconds and simply select the information that is important to you at that moment: for example, keep an eye on the remaining range, see the distance you have already ridden or check your cadence.

Connected intelligently

Five buttons, one display and lots of options: the Purion 200 is networked in the smart system and connects the eBike with the eBike Flow app. This gives you digital functions that you can easily activate and use via the app – e.g. for greater theft protection, recording your activities or the option of adapting riding modes to your needs. In addition, the Purion 200 is the interface for transferring updates to your eBike. This means that it always stays up to date.



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