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Electric Bikes

Everybody knows the E bikes are the future of cycling, their is very little arguing about that nowadays despite the previous friction against them. People used to say it wasn’t proper cycling, it was cheating but as they have become more common and easily accessible to a wider community those previous critics have been silenced.

We have always seen how popular they are and expanded with the growth of E Bikes to to keep up with the demand and growing technology around them. Running a popular hire centre as well as a retail shop we have really seen the rate of which they have grown! We now run a total of 34 E Bikes in our hire fleet along with 70% of our retail sales being E bikes.

Come and test an E bike!

Our E-bike Fleet

Over the last few years we have been very tunnel visioned with all of our E bikes being Cube and Bosch, this was a for mixture of reasons and not a bad thing at all as Cube have been consistently producing high quality E bikes year after year. We will always stock Cube E bikes due to their extensive range and great prices but this year we have had the opportunity to expand and get some different brands in, including a couple that will be available to demo.

Brand new to New Forest Cycling this year from Marin is the Marin Rift Zone E XR which will be the centerpiece of our shop floor E bike selection. Coming in at £5,799 it is at the top of the price range that we offer but the reason this bike caught our eye was the fact it came with full AXS. To get a bike under £6k that has brand new SRAM GX AXS and RockShox AXS dropper post it was a no brainer to get it ordered in and have it in our armoury.



Most excitingly we now have two Giant E bikes that are going to be available to demo after a lot of interest from

Giant Stance E+2

Giant Stance E+2

customers asking for full suspension E bikes to be able to take out for the day. These are some of Giant’s top level E bikes so getting to demo one of these will definitely be exciting for any mountain biker. We are getting in the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 2 & 3, one Medium and one Large, these bikes retail for £5,499 & £6,499 so the cost to demo them for a day reflects that. If after you come back and are sold on the bike or any other E bike we will then take off the demo cost from the RRP and if you move quickly Giant are giving away a free 250Wh range extender with any purchase.


So please head down to our shop and see the vast range of E bikes that we offer both for sale and demo/hire. All our staff are incredibly educated about every E bike we have in stock and can answer any question you can throw at them! Hope to see you all in the near future.


Request a Demo

Giant Stance E+2

Giant Stance E+2

Due to the current huge demand for bikes we have a very limited supply and are currently unable to accept online demo bookings at this time.

To register your interest in an e-bike demo, please email [email protected] and we will do our best to accomodate you, though there may be a long wait due to high demand.

We appreciate your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience caused.