Bosch Smart System Smartphone Grip


Digitally connected

Turn your everyday digital companion into a smart display – with the eBike Flow app and Smartphone Grip.

Optimum navigation

Find your way through the city with ease and take the fastest route.

Convenient operation

Use the LED Remote or Mini Remote to control the eBike Flow app on your smartphone more safely and comfortably.

Full flexibility

Out of the city, onto the trail: Because they both use the same interface, it’s easy to replace your smartphone with the Smartphone Grip by Kiox 300.

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Your smartphone on the handlebar with the Bosch Smartphone Grip:

The easy way to transform your smartphone into an eBike display: Attach the Smartphone Grip to the handlebar, insert your smartphone and open the eBike Flow app. Your smartphone will be charged via the Smartphone Grip while the eBike Flow app reliably guides you to your destination. It shows you all the important ride data – from speed and eBike battery status, to arrival time.

Riding modes via the Flow app

The Ride Screen shows you your speed, the charge level of the eBike battery and the remaining range.


Ergonomic control

Operate the eBike Flow app comfortably via the LED Remote or Mini Remote, enabling both hands to remain on the handlebars.


Secure grip

Whether you’re on paved roads or surfaced paths, the Smartphone Grip holds your smartphone firmly on the handlebar.


Full smartphone battery

The Smartphone Grip lets you charge your smartphone as you ride – either via wireless charging or a cable.

Safe operation on the road

While riding, you control the eBike Flow app via the LED Remote, which is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth: With the “right” and “left” buttons, for example, you can easily switch between ride screen and navigation without taking your hand from the handlebar. This means that you can ride more safely while also maintaining full control of the display and your eBike. The navigation function reliably takes you to your destination with its clear map display and information on arrival time and distance.

Secure grip

On paved roads or surfaced forest and field paths*, the Smartphone Grip holds the smartphone securely on the handlebar. The innovative and robust mount is suitable for all common smartphones with and without a case.** The back of your smartphone is protected by a rubberised surface; the charging socket and speakers are freely accessible.

*The SmartphoneGrip is not suitable for steps with a height of over 15 cm or for jumps.
**The supported dimensions of the smartphones used incl. camera bump and case are as follows: H: 6.8 –13 mm, W: 67 – 88 mm, L: 123 – 175 mm. Suitable for smartphones up to a total weight of 276 g incl. case. Flip covers and wallet cases are not supported.

Fast switching between different displays

Full modularity and free choice between displays: You can use your smartphone with the SmartphoneGrip or fix the Kiox 300 to the display mount. Kiox 300 is suitable for sporty use, while your smartphone is the ideal display for more relaxed rides, for example, through the city.

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Informative charge display

On the left side of the Smartphone Grip is an LED that indicates whether and how your smartphone is charging by means of different colours and light patterns. For example, if the LED is yellow, your smartphone is charging inductively using wireless technology

Individual positioning

Attach the Smartphone Grip to the handlebar near the stem, where you have the best view of the display or where it seems best to you in terms of look and feel. Depending on where you want to position the Smartphone Grip, different display interfaces are used.






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