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Tandem Cycle Hire
Tandem Bike Hire
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Tandem Cycle Hire
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What’s so special about the bicycle made for two?

Here at New Forest Cycling, we absolutely Love Tandem Bike Hire. Having rented them for over 20 years, we know the memories that they can create, and the good times that are there to be had. Bringing couples closer together is the main aim, and seeing the widest smiles that the New Forest has to offer!

Exploring the New Forest on a Tandem Bike is something that is unrivalled. It creates a bond between the two riders, who improve their communication and team working skills immensely. Be warned though, these are the ultimate test of trust, and they have been known to make or break those early relationships. Riding in a pair is easier than riding alone, you have double the pedal power needed for those New Forest climbs.


Why do we choose the Dawes Duet?

Due to its low standover height, and the 26″ wheels, we have found the Dawes Duet to be the most reliable and serviceable Tandem out there. This one featured in the images has just had a new wheel set and whole drivetrain, and it basically rides like new. The versatility of this Tandem is what makes it so great. As long as the leading rider is 5’9″ or taller, this Tandem is perfect. If someone is a novice to cycling, the low 13″ frame on the rear can help even the most discerning cyclist feel at ease. The Trailing rider can mount both feet firmly on the ground if they feel uneasy.


Book your Tandem Bike Hire here, and be prepared to make some everlasting great memories  – https://forestleisurecycling.co.uk/book-online-cycle-hire/


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