Giant E Bike System

Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 2
Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 2
Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 3
Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 3
Giant Trance X Advanced E+ Elite 3

Giant E Bike System

Giant have always worked hand in hand with Yamaha to create the Giant E Bike System we see on their bikes nowadays, and that co-operation has now paid off. They now produce a line of high quality motors, batteries and screens.

In a market where there is such a huge range of E Bike motors this personal journal post will hopefully outline the benefits of the Giant E Bike System and why it could be the next drive unit for you. We will mainly going to be focusing on the mountain bike specific technologies as that is the area we specialize in when it comes to Giant E Bike System.

Giant SyncDrive Pro:

This is Giants flagship motor, it is co-developed with Yamaha and is made to perfectly suit their Maestro Suspension Technology meaning it works perfectly with Giant full suspension mountain bikes. So unlike other companies who outsource their motors from separate companies, Giant are able to design their motor to fit perfectly with their bikes as everything is developed and produced in house.

Giant say ” SyncDrive Pro is co-developed with Yamaha and optimized for Giant’s Maestro Suspension Technology. Its performance and riding characteristics are tuned specifically for trail riding. The motor is highly responsive to torque input from the rider, which makes it ideal for quick adjustments to the amount of pedalling support needed for the rider and the terrain.”

Weighing just 2.75kg, it is the lightest E-bike motor ever from Yamaha, with a powerful torque of 85Nm. Like all Giant E Bike system motors, the SyncDrive Pro is equipped with Smart Assist. A narrow Q factor, the distance between a rider’s two feet while pedalling, creates a natural, comfortable riding position. SyncDrive Pro also features an intelligent Walk Assist mode. It doesn’t simply provide power to push the bike forward; it delivers just enough power to get you moving over any obstacle while pushing the E-bike, keeping you in full control at all times.

EnergyPak 400:

Giant have put a lot of research into their E Bike batteries, recently upgrading the cells in them and even putting a patent on them so you won’t find the same cell technology in any of the competitors batteries. This is because they are using 22700 cells instead of 21700 (which are what you find in most E bike batteries), this means the cells have a higher capacity density meaning less are needed in a battery making them lighter and allowing them to hold charge for longer. The system uses a total of 40 cells, the same as most E-bike batteries, but these larger cells have greater discharge
capacity. They also run cooler, which means less stress on the system and a longer total lifecycle.

  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Full Cycles: 1000
  • Smart Charging
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • Carbon Neutral Production

RideControl Ergo 3:

This updated control system features clean buttons that are integrated with the handlebar grips. You can install the three-button control on the left or right side, making it easy to switch power modes. You also have the option of adding a second control on the other side. Using the RideControl App, you can configure it to your own personal preferences.

RideConrol GO:

Available on premium Giant E-bikes, RideControl Go features a multipurpose button integrated into the top tube. Coloured LEDs allow you to switch power modes from the top tube and keep a clean handlebar setup. The lights also display battery level and support mode.

Multipurpose button integrated into the top tube with coloured LEDs allows you to switch power modes and view power settings and battery level.


If you are interested in trying out these systems we currently have a Giant Trance X Advanced E+ EL3 (Medium) & Giant Trance X Advanced E+ EL2 (Large) available to demo if you just follow this link.


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