Cube Lightweight E Bikes!

Welcome to the future of E-Bikes: Cube Lightweight E Bikes!

Electric bikes have come on leaps and bounds in recent years evolving from rack batteries and front hub motors to high capacity integrated lithium batteries and torquey crank driven motors. Main stream big name bike companies have been all had a say in making the best version E Bike in each discipline by using different Motors and high end components. Through it all the main wish was to reduce the weight as there is no getting around the fact E bikes are heavy.

Cube have always been at the forefront when it has come to their E bike range pushing the limits with carbon front triangles on their full suspension Stereo range and clean fully equipped tourers with their Kathmandu Range. So it was only right that they are now leading the way with their all new lightweight carbon Cube electric bikes.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X

Introducing the all new Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44. A super lightweight trail e-bike with a carbon frame using Cube’s premium C:68X carbon fibre that weighs just 2100g! Equipped with Bosch’s Performance Line SX lightweight drive unit (their lightest one yet) producing 55Nm of torque with a maximum output of 600W matching the Bosch CX motor for power output. They’re installed with a 400Wh CompactTube with the option of having 250Wh range extender, enabling more riding time crushing the climbs and descents.

Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X SLX 400X 29

Entering the market at a very competitive price of £5,499 the Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X SLX 400X competes against the best full fat E bikes and undercuts every other brands attempt of lightweight E bikes. It isn’t like they have cut any corners with it either, Cube have used their top grade carbon fibre for the frame along with Fox 34 forks and a full Shimano XT drivetrain. Nothing has been done to a budget which you can really tell when looking into the full specification of this bike let alone the fact it only weighs £17.3kg!


Cube AMS Hybrid ONE44 C:68X Super TM 400X 29

Now to the top level of Cube’s AMS Hybrid range costing £7,999 which at a glance can can be a bit eye watering until you look further into the components you get with this bike. Full Kashima coated Fox 38 forks, Fox Float X Factory Shock and Fox Dropper post means it’s going to be running super smooth over the roughest terrain whilst looking good in the process. The super light C:68X frame is powered forward by SRAMs XX Eagle AXS transmission that will keep you powering on through the worst conditions. This bike weighs in a little heavier due to the electric components but 17.7kg for a full suspension E bike is still incredible!

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid C:62 400X

Once again by using a C:62 carbon fibre frame, Bosch’s new 400Wh Compact Tube battery and Performance SX motor Cube have created an all new lightweight version of their incredibly popular Kathmandu model. The full fat versions of these bikes were always a hit as they came fully equipped with mudguards, integrated 2.0 racks and lights however these created a lot of weight when paired with a Bosch performance CX motor and 750Wh battery. Amazingly they have managed to shave 9kg off the full fat version when creating this lightweight version which when lifting the bike speaks for itself.

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid C:62 SLT 400X

Going to start this off by saying this bike only weighs 16.2kg! They have had to sacrifice the suspension fork and replace it with a full carbon rigid fork but what these bikes are intended to do this is more than enough. These bikes are made for eating up miles in comfort, providing a more relaxed geometry while keeping you dry with Acid full wrap mudguards for when the weathers inevitably shifts for the worse. This top model sports carbon rims and full Shimano Deore XT drivetrain and brake system. They have even made the new Integrated 3.0 carbon fibre to keep weight down when needing to load up for longer trips. Then for those longer trips adding the Bosch 250Wh range extender will make sure you get to your destination after a long day in the saddle.


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid C:62 SLX 400X

The other model in Cube’s Kathmandu Hybrid C:62 range is the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid C:62 SLX 400X. This could be classed as their entry level model as it only costs £3,699 which is a very reasonable price for any other Trekking E bike in the market from other companies. Comes equipped with all the same updated extras as the SLX, just without the Carbon rims and a Shimano Deore groupset instead. Making this version more affordable but without compromising the bike at all as nothing has been done on a budget by any means. Whilst still only weighing in at 17.2kg

Cube Nuroad Hybrid C:62 400X

Cube Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SLT 400X

Finally, we have the Cube Nuroad Hybrid C:62. The lightest e-bike in Cube’s range with the highest model (Nuroad Hybrid C:62 SLT 400X) weighing in at just 12.9kg! That’s lighter than an air fork mountain bike. Plus the SLX and SLT are kitted up with Sram eTap AXS, the shifters don’t need a battery as they charge off the motor! A neat and tidy cable set up compliments its sleek look, you wouldn’t even know it’s electric at first glance. These also come with the lightweight Bosch Performance SX motor and a 400Wh CompactTube battery.


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