Cube 2023 E-Bikes Available In The New Forest

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So we are back at that time of year, shops all round the country are calmly excited for the drop of the Cube 2023 E-bike stock and the intrigue on what the new season of bikes will bring.

Its a great time of year to think about your new Cube, as well as seeing the first new 2023 models arriving, you can snag a great deal on an older 2022 model.

Since the turbulent times of Covid every bike shop definitely goes into each season a with a certain level of anxiety, wondering how the supply is going to be, how much the prices have increased and how the bikes themselves are going to hold up not only to their predecesores but also to the competition.

Cube had their fair share of Covid supply issues and its taken a while to get back to normal but it seems from early signs of the 2023 season Cube have successfully got control again and are back in charge of their supply chain.

Cube’s biggest selling point has always been their astonishing value for money, it is one of the main reasons as a business we took them on. Even with the inevitable price increases they are still the most competitively priced brand, and with the unbeatable German build and design quality, they are the market leader .

Starting off with one of their most impressive bike models the Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC.

We have only been stocking this model for 3 years as at first we were unsure on the demand for full suspension electric bikes in the New Forest as it isn’t known for its rough terrain. The Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 however is way more than just a bike for a bike park, it is far more versatile. With it’s 29” wheels and Bosch Performance CX line Gen 4 motor this bike just eats up miles while maintaining the ultimate in comfort and grip.

Cube have always boasted a High Performance Carbon front triangle on all their Stereo Hybrid 140 models to lower the weight and make the bike more efficient, not only does this enhance the riding feel of the Stereo it also huge selling point.

I challenge anyone to find another big company selling a carbon full suspension electric bike for less than £7,000. Meanwhile Cube are producing them at a starting price of £4,399 which still boasts a Shimano Deore Groupset, Magura 4 pot brakes and RockShox forks and rear shock.

The brand new Bosch Smart System electrics that come as standard now with every model having a 750Wh battery option and LED controllers that bluetooth to your phone to provide a personalised display and navigation.

Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Pro 750Wh Medium SwampGrey ‘n’ Black 2023

Cube’s flagship hardtail E-MTB is the Reaction Hybrid, apart from moving with the times and keeping up to date with new advancements in components and Bosch electric technologies the Reaction Hybrid has changed very little over the last 4/5 years. This is down to the saying if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

The Cube Reaction hybrid has been one of our best sellers ever since we opened our account with Cube and have always run them in our hire fleet.

They are incredibly reliable and well priced making them not just perfect for a fleet bike, but an everyday bike for an avid mountain biker.

The range is vast and really offers a model tailored for any customer, the entry level model coming with coil forks, Shimano Alivio gearing and suitable 500Wh Bosch Powertube to power your adventures.

At the other end of the scale is the SLT, equipped with the new Bosch Smart System Kiox 300, 750Wh powertube and a full Deore XT groupset alongside Fox 34 air forks. This is where Cube really amaze us, they manage to run top end electric systems alongside top end components and still keep the price cheaper than other big brands who don’t come close.

In the Reaction Hybrid range they offer 6 different models all with different colour, frame and battery options so the perfect Reaction Hybrid really is out there, it’s just up to us to steer you in the right direction.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 750Wh Medium FlashGrey ‘n’ Green 2023 

The last model I will go into is the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid, this model has always been a huge success for Cube however it is actually new one for us. We always heavily backed the Touring Hybrid range instead however we finally took the leap and are now stocking both models! The Kathmandu Hybrid is available in three different frame shapes: Crossbar frame, Trapeze frame and the most popular the Easy Entry frame. So no matter your preference you don’t have to sacrifice bike quality if you don’t fancy swing your leg over a high crossbar and fancy a step through instead. These bikes really are allrounders, they can take on any bridleway, gravel track or stoney path whilst not looking out of place whilst cruising round a town looking for a suitable pub to stop off at for refreshments. Also being fitted with a rack and mudguards means you won’t be sat there soaking and muddy in the winter whilst also having lights wired into the motor to light the way if you accidentally stayed for a few too many refreshments. These really are the perfect all rounder of a bike!

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid ONE 625Wh Medium SwampGrey ‘n’ Black 2023

We are going to have a huge variety of Cube 2023 E-bikes turning up over the next couple of months and into the new year including a couple of models that I haven’t mentioned here. Cube always excite the bike world when they reveal their new E-bike ranges as they are fronting the way of what to expect from an electric bike! Also referring to the photos you can’t tell me these bikes don’t look incredible either, the frame design with how the electrics are fully integrated now and the paint finish of these bikes. Never mind the fact Cube are really pushing the colour Swampgrey this year which despite sounding a bit odd is actually a very clean finish for a bike and very understated, if you don’t believe me come down to our store and admire the bikes on display for yourself.

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